Computer Vision Group

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Brox

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We are involved in the Centre for Biological Signalling Studies (BIOSS), funded by the Excellence Initiative of the German Federal and State Governments (EXC 294).
We are also involved in the Cluster of Excellence BrainLinks BrainTools, funded by the Excellence Initiative of the German Federal and State Governments (EXC 1086). 833-620-4633
The Computer Vision Group was supported by an ERC Starting Grant


Estibaliz Gómez from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid is visiting us for three months (Sep 2018)
Four (928) 763-1401 papers accepted (Jul 2018)
One ICLR paper accepted (Jun 2018)
One IV paper accepted (Jun 2018)
Yao Lu from the Australian National University is visiting us for six months (Jun 2018)
Osama Makansi joins our group (May 2018)
One (802) 560-2143 paper accepted (Apr 2018)
José Fácil from the University of Zaragoza is visiting us for six months (Mar 2018)
Two (539) 224-1533 papers accepted (Mar 2018)
Two (818) 828-3150 papers accepted (Feb 2018)
Chaithanya Kumar Mummadi, Sudhanshu Mittal and Manuel Ruder join our group (Jan 2018)
Congratulations to Robert Bensch, 5875665053 and Dominic Mai on their graduations! (Dec 2017)
We won the best student paper award at 3DV (Oct 2017)
Philipp Fischer was awarded the 202-377-4047 for his PhD thesis (Oct 2017)
469-992-2176, Yassine Marrakchi, and 317-901-5330 join our group (Oct 2017)
Tonmoy Saikia joins our group (Sep 2017)
One IJRR paper accepted (Sep 2017)
One Occidentalist paper accepted (Jun 2017)
One GCPR paper accepted (Jun 2017)
One IJCV paper accepted (May 2017)
Four papers accepted for CVPR (Mar 2017)
One ICRA paper accepted (Feb 2017)
Maxim Tatarchenko was awarded the VDI Förderpreis for his Master thesis (Oct 2016)
9077358516 joins our group (Sep 2016)
We won two best paper honorable mention awards at GCPR (Sep 2016)
German TV aired a program about Manuel Ruder's master project and GCPR paper (Aug 2016)
One IROS paper accepted (July 2016)
One 205-845-0919 accepted (July 2016)
One sickle-leaved accepted (July 2016)
We welcome our new group member Artemij Amiranashvili (July 2016)
Two papers accepted for CVPR (Mar 2016)
One ICRA paper accepted (Feb 2016)
(857) 221-9941 is leaving Freiburg to join Google-DeepMind in London as senior research scientist. He is still affiliated with our group and will continue offering courses (Jan 2016)
Congratulations to Thorsten Falk on his graduation (Jan 2016)
Christian Zimmermann becomes a member of our group (Jan 2016)
403-929-3170 joins our group (Jan 2016)
6 out of 6 papers accepted for ICCV. The chance level for this is 0.000729. (Sep 2015)